What Do Post Tension Cable Repair Companies Do?

If you have a post-tension foundation and you’re walking around your home and notice a cable sticking out of the foundation of your house, this issue should be addressed. In this video, we learn what post tension cable repair companies will do in order to help you in this predicament

These companies will come out to your home and re-cable the area. Similar to snaking a wire through a conduit, they will create tension on the wire and cover the hole with new grout.

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There is a sleeve inside the foundation where they can bring in the new cable and it will be a quick easy fix.

Many people see the cable stick out and panic, thinking their home is structurally at risk. Luckily, if you had a good engineer who designed the house properly, this issue isn’t the end of the world. You should get it fixed for peace of mind and to avoid a worsening problem, but again, this won’t be an overly-costly situation.

If your home is built on a post-tension foundation and you want to learn more about these potential problems, watch along with the video to see how post tension cable repair companies can help solve your problem!


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