What You Can Use Wood Skid Pallets For

There are numerous uses for wood skids. Wood skids are slightly different from pallets. A wood skid does not have a bottom deck.

Video Source

Pallets have top and bottom decks that have three to four stringers in between. The video shows the different uses of wood skid pallets.

You can get wood pallets from retailers or other businesses that have goods transported in. You can use the pallets as they are or repurpose them for your needs.

If you have a big lawn, make outdoor structures such as a small bar, a garden shed, a tree house, a chicken coop, a kennel, or even a greenhouse. Wood skid pallets can be used to make indoor furniture too, such as desks, beds, a TV mount, coffee tables, chairs, shelves, and storage racks.

Sporting and recreational items such as archery targets, beer pong tables, basketball hoops, and swings can be made from wooden pallets. Patio furniture and sunbeds can also be constructed.

You will need additional materials such as cushions, fabric, glue, nails, and paint and paint brushes or rollers to create the item you want. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, get a couple of pallets and create your unique pieces.

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