Which Flowers Should You Buy for Valentines Day?

It’s easy to take everyday grocery store flower bouquets and transform them into the best Valentines Day flowers. This video shares three ideas created by our Hallmark stylists that you can easily make with a touch of tender loving care.

From Basic To Classic: The Store-Bought Bouquet
Nothing says, “I love you,” than classic red roses.

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To make a bountiful bouquet, take two groups of roses and one bouquet of a lighter color flower, like statice. Remove the cello. Lay all three groups together on a sheet of bright white paper tucking the statice in between the roses. Wrap together with a big red bow to create a hug-worthy presentation.

From Basic To Beautiful: The Store-Bought Plant
Give a gift that keeps on giving. Remove the foil paper and replace the plastic container with a terra-cotta pot. Write a heartfelt message on a gift tag and, voila! You’ve instantly elevated an everyday plant into a treasured gift.

From Basic To Perfect: The Store-Bought Vase
Romance is in the air. Elevate a store-bought vase and roses into a treat for two. Take the roses out of the vase, cut the stems, and with a more decorative vase and coordinating tray, create a sentimental grouping with champagne and chocolates.

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