Why is Caring Companionship so Helpful

Caring companionship helps provide a vital social structure to elderly people who live alone. The video gives insight into its benefits through testimonials from various clients. In the past, the only job of a carer was to keep the client clean and safe from harm.

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Today, carers have more of a mission. Their aim is to have a positive impact on the life of the people they look after.

Having someone they can speak to and socialize with removes much of the day-to-day stress and fear from many clients. It also relieves a significant burden on client families, who may be unable to check up on their loved ones on a daily basis.

The video emphasizes the importance to the old of having the young around. This can be invigorating and stimulating. Knowing that someone is going to be with them helps the elderly people in the video enjoy the things they like to do, whether it is going to the supermarket or going to watch a film. It is also a source of enrichment, as clients can learn new things from the carer, which can bring greater purpose to their life. Now you know why caring companionship is so helpful and so important to the elderly.


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