Crucial Indoor Gun Range Safety Guide

Indoor gun ranges can be a lot of fun. They offer a variety of guns and targets to shoot at. However, gun users must be responsible with their weapons.

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A little irresponsibility could lead to getting their firearms revoked or worse, someone getting injured. This is why gun safety is so important. In this video, you will learn how to properly use your firearms at an indoor gun range.

The first point made in the video is that your firearm should always be pointed in a safe direction. It should never be anywhere but the target. Also make sure your firearm is never loaded until you are ready to fire from your stall. Your firearm must be holstered at all times unless you are engaging your target from your stall. All users are also required to use hearing and eye protection. This comes in the form of safety glasses and ear muffs. Closed shoes are also required. There are special rooms in between the main lobby and the range where long guns can be unloaded from their carrying cases. Lastly, shooters must never crawl under the divider for any reason as it is extremely dangerous.


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