Is Your Pool Leaking? Try This

Who doesn’t love spending some time cooling off in the pool on a hot summer day. This is great up until you notice that your pool is losing water. A leaky pool can be a huge problem, driving up your water bill through the roof if not identified quickly. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the location of the leak.

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In this video, you will learn five common places where your pool could be leaking.

First, here are a few signs your pool could be leaking in the first place. You may notice a higher water bill than in the past. You may also know a drop in water level or mushy spots in your yard. You may even notice standing water around your equipment. Lastly, if there are bubbles or dirt coming out of your return, you likely have a leak.

Here are the five most common locations for pool leaks. First, the skimmer could be leaking if you see any cracks or gaps. Second, the pool returns could be leaking if the concrete was properly poured. Next, the main drain could be leaking. A structural part of the pool could also be leaking. Lastly, the pool equipment itself could be leaking. Look for any cracks or gaps. Hopefully this video helps you find the location of your leak.


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