Carpet Tile Flooring Installation Guide

Do you have a boring old office floor? Is your floor dire need of a makeover? It may be time to consider installing some new flooring. In this video, you will learn about carpet office floor installation.

You can normally order carpet tiles online and have them shipped in the mail. There are many colors and patterns to choose from.

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You will need several tools for this job. These tools include sticky tabs, a T-square, a knife, and double-sided carpet tape. First, brush any extra loose fibers off your tiles. There are several different installation methods to choose from. These include 1/4 turn, Monolithic, and Ashlar Brick. Once you have a installation layout in mind, remove the adhesive stickers from the back of the tiles and place them down on the floor. These sticker tabs are used to connect the tile. The double-sides carpet tape also serves the same purpose. Each strip of tape should connect four tiles in the corners. You may also have to cut tiles using a knife. These tiles can be placed just as the other tiles. Repeat the process, and you will have an excellent flooring in no time!


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