Building a Home Server on a Budget

Many people who build home servers do it to gain more control over their data storage. A home server allows you to host any application without hefty monthly fees or restrictions. It also allows you to run a few websites that require 24/7 uptime.

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Moreover, you can store scattered files in one location that anyone in your home network can access. Here are a few tips on how to build a home server.
The first step towards building a home server is defining your needs. Determining what you want to do with the server saves time and costs. A server running a tasking project or managing websites with heavy traffic may require a lot of resources. When building a home server, you need to select reliable computer hardware.
Consider selecting a CPU like Celeron for simple webserver tasks and Xeon processors for heavy jobs. When choosing a motherboard, choose reputable options such as Dell, HP, and Asus. It would be best to have at least a DDR4 Ram to run your server and a sizable fan to cool it when running. Click the link above for a systematic guide on how to build a budget home server.

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