Building a Budget-Friendly Dog Kennel

If you are a dog breeder or are interested in becoming one, you will need to do a lot to prepare because the dogs that you breed and their puppies will be completely dependent on you. As such, it is important to build a dog kennel to house all of the dogs. If you are on a budget, don’t worry, because in this video you will learn how to build your own dog kennel. Amish dog kennels are some of the highest-quality kennels out there and you can always take some design ideas from them to help you along. Additionally, as your breeding business grows, you can eventually buy a kennel from them.

Video Source

To begin your project, first think outside the box and consider what you already have that you can use. For example, in this video, the breeder converted the back of his garage into a kennel, using the far wall of the garage as one wall of the kennel in order to save on material and money. There are also ways to get cheap material from local hardwood stores. Chicken wire is a great option for fencing and another way to save money. If you do opt for chicken wire, be sure to get tighter-knit wire.


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