How to Clean Up After a Flood

Flooding can come unexpectedly at any time. While being prepared is important, sometimes there is nothing you can do. You may find yourself with a flooded house or basement not knowing what to do. You may have to call your local flood damage restoration provider for assistance. In this video, you will learn how to properly clean up after a flood.

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The first thing you need to do is turn off the electric and gas to the house. You don’t want to get shocked while cleaning up. You also need to where a mask such as a N95 mask. This is important as mold may be growing in the space. This mold may make you sick if you breathe it in. Also make sure to wear gloves, boots, and disposable clothing. Once you are geared up, take some pictures of the area for the insurance company. When you start cleaning up, trash anything that has gotten wet up to one foot above the flood line. Also cut out the sheet rock everywhere from one foot above the flood line and below. You will also need to remove the old insulation as well. After everything is out, hose out the house and then use a product such as Microban or a bleach solution to get rid of the bacteria. After this, you will need to dry the house. Lastly, open all the windows for airflow and consider using box fans or a carpet dryer.


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