Roof Installation Guide

A leaky roof can be a huge pain. If not taken care of quickly, this water can pool and cause mold to grow. In this video, you will learn how to install roof shingles.

The first of roof installation is installing the drip edge. Start from one corner nail it down every 12 to 16 inches.

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You will also want to cut the drip edge so that it scissors over the ridge. You do this before placing the felt so that water does not get behind the drip edge. Nails should not be seen from the ground when nailing the drip edge. You will also have to cut the drip edge to fit the corners. The next step is to install the felt. This makes it so water flows over top the drip edge. Install from the bottom, moving upwards. Use plastic caps to nail down the felt every 16 inches. The next part is to install the starter strip. The shingles are also installed overlapping. Start strips should not be installed directly on the eve. The fourth part is installing the shingles. Nails should be shot in a diagonal angle. Lastly, the ridge cap should be installed. Once you have cleaned up everything, you are all set!


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