What To Do If Your Garage Cable is Off

Garage door cables are due to malfunction or break at some point. Some of these issues are easy to fix while others may require a garage door repair expert to assist you. In this video, you will learn how to fix one of the easier issues.

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One of the most common garage door problems arises when the cable comes undone from the drum. This causes the door to remain stuck in its last position. In the case displayed in the video, the garage door is stuck in the upright open position. This issue is relatively simple to fix. First, you will need a pair of vice grips. Take those vice grips and grip right below the bottom roller on the door. This will keep the door from rolling down. Next grab a ladder or step stool and unhook the loop on the bottom fixture. Next, unspin all the wiring so that it is all off the drum. Make sure that the end of the cable is in the drum. After that, re-warp the cable around the drum starting with the high-lift portion. Once the cable will no longer wrap around, re-hook the cable to the bottom fixture. Finally, remove the vice clips and pull the door back down. Your garage door should now be working again.


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