Tips for DIY Plumbing

This YouTube video provides a visual presentation on some common DIY plumbing repairs for sinks.

Valve Installation

If you’re installing a faucet for the kitchen, then you also need to add hot and cold shutoff valves underneath. For this, you cut the copper valves and remove the oxide coating with sandpaper.

Video Source

Add solder flux during the assembling and fitting This promotes a better connection when soldering the materials.

Move the blue flame of the soldering iron completely around the pipe and fitting for a good seal. Wipe excess from the hot surfaces with a clean rag. Test for leaks before using the faucet.

Add a Drain Pipe

Slide the drainpipe down the center of the sink. Ensure a tight seal by adding a bead of silicone around the entire pipe. Add the U-shaped joint that goes between the pipe and the drainage port. Connect and tighten the slip joint nuts on both ends. Test for any leaks before you run the faucet.

If you feel uncomfortable handling these DIY procedures, then seek out a professional plumbing repair service for more information.


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