How to Use a Meat Slicer

Meat slicers are usually in grocery stores and delis. But did you know that like any other equipment, it also needs regular meat slicing machine repair and maintenance?

In this video, you will know tips about meat slicing machine repair and maintenance.

Importance of Cleaning the Meat Slicer

Meat slicers are often used for many of deli items and can also be used in slicing products. However, if it’s not regularly maintained and cleaned, the food residue may build up in some parts of the machine and causes the growth of bacteria.

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The bacteria may contaminate the foods that are to be sliced on the surface. Worse, it could cause food-borne illnesses that could make the customers get ill.

In addition, the meat slicer may also transfer small food particles and flavors onto the items that were sliced later.

Signs Meat Slicing Needs Cleaning

Every after-use, the slicer must be wiped done, especially in switching cheeses, meats, or produce. It’s always a good idea to maintain and fully clean the machine every day.

This will prevent solid food pieces and oils from building up the faceplates or blade, or even getting dangerous bacteria. In fact, the FDA highly recommends that meat slicers should be cleaned every four hours if used continuously.


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