How to Test Your Christmas Light Bulbs

Ever thought about upgrading your home holiday display? If you’re considering LED Christmas lights, then check out these interesting facts to know.

Costs More Money Upfront

Did you know that LED Christmas would cost you more money? This is because the components are usually assembled by hand. However, you have to save money since LED lights save about 75% more energy than the incandescents.

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Cool to Touch

If you are concerned about the safety of your pets or kids, LED Christmas lights are always a good choice as they produce next to no heat. It means that they are always cool to touch.

Works Best in Cold Weather

When the temperature drops below freezing, it could burst incandescent light. However, with LED Christmas lights, it works just fine during cold temperatures. They are actually more efficient as temperature drops.

LED Christmas lights are Durable

LED Christmas lights are known for their durability. In fact, in tests, the LED bulbs remain working after using them for 4,000 hours. However, they could burn out at the right of 1-2 per strand.

Easy to Replace Single Bulbs

Like any classic incandescent lights, the LED Christmas lights may fail one light at a time, or perhaps the entire string. The good thing is that a single replacement bulb is available for different types of LED string bulbs.


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