How Do Car Collision Repairs Work?

While no one wants to be involved in an accident, car collisions occur every day. The US records over 6 million accidents annually. Luckily, professional mechanics can help with car collision repairs and bring your automobile back to life.

Hendrick Collision Center uses state-of-the-art tools and technology to identify the damage in your car and repair it accordingly.

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The experts can handle any problem, from a small dent to extensive damage.

Essentially, they realign the vehicle’s frame, restore the damaged area, and correct the paint. Check out this video on how they go about repairing your car step by step to retain its pristine look.

Hendrick collision centers use a computer system to collect all the necessary data from manufacturers, identify the problems and perform the necessary repairs. Some of the vital tools for typical automobile repair include frame machines, flat liners, and bonds.

How do they go about car collision repairs, you ask?

The first step is to identify the damage using a computer-connected measuring system.
Secondly, they wield the keys and use the suitable bridge to pull dents out.
The next step is smoothing the damaged areas using a Bondo.
Finally, the automobile experts paint the car, giving it an appealing look.

Your car will look as good as new at the end of the two-hour painting process.

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