How Different Types of Water Heaters Work

Are you looking for water heating solutions? Perhaps you moved into a new home or are looking to upgrade the systems in place in your current home. Either way, you will need to know what’s on the market when it comes to water heaters. There are a few different types of water heaters and they all work a little bit differently from each other to give you the hot water you need.

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In this video, you will learn about the different types that are out there and how they each work so you can make an informed decision.

The three main fuels that water heaters use to heat water are gas, oil, and electricity. They come at varying price points and varying returns on investment in the long run. Even among these three fuel types, there are five different types of tanks. They are storage tanks, tankless, heat pumps, solar, and condensing heaters. Even as they each heat water differently, the water is treated differently too. For example, storage tanks keep the water hot and ready to use at any time while tankless heats the water as it’s used.


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