What Is Soil Remediation

Every site remediation company will have its own methods to clean up the soil. But is there a best option? Obviously, this service is really useful and necessary when it comes to keeping our Earth clean, so it’s best to choose an option that you think is correct for your site. In this video, you will learn about a few of the soil remediation service methods out there and some benefits and problems with each one.

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The first method of soil remediation discussed is soil vapor extraction. Contamination is removed in the form of a vapor, using a high-powered vacuum. This method tends to be low-maintenance and less costly than other methods. However, it only typically works in coarse soil that is above the water level and can only be used on volatile contamination. This means that soil vapor extraction only works under very certain circumstances, and might not be best for you.

Another method highlighted in this video is electrical resistance heating. Vapor extraction wells remove the contamination after the soil is heated using electricity. This method can be used in any setting and has unlimited treatment depth. However, it does require pretty significant equipment and expertise in order to use it.

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