Heres How Torque Analyzers Work

A torque analyzer is a calibration tool that works in concert with a torque sensor. A tool is inserted into the sensor’s transducer and turned to put a load on the tool, to measure its torque. The data is then displayed on the analyzer’s screen, and calibrations are made. Some analyzers are attached to many sensors, which lets you perform the analysis of many tools at once.

With your testing regimen in place, you’ll be able to test many tools concurrently, reducing the amount of time you’re spending on testing. You’ll also be able to see when tools are slipping out of calibration and be able to set them back in calibration sooner.

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Tools measuring torque need to be calibrated regularly to keep giving consistent and accurate measurements. The analyzer is a crucial part of this process, giving the operators the data they need to keep the tools in line.

Torque analyzers keep your tools in working order. The more informed you are about the current state of your tools, the easier it is to understand when they need to be corrected, and in some cases, to be updated or replaced. Keep watching for more tool maintenance information to help you better understand how torque analyzers work.


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