How to Operate a Typical Forklift

Forklift operators are essential in all kinds of industrial work environments, including warehouses and factories. They transport goods on pallets across indoor and outdoor spaces that are typically paved for safety. While operating a forklift may seem relatively simple, operators do need to respect that these machines are dangerous. It’s important to follow the manual provided by forklift dealers and any additional safety requirements provided by employers.

The video here is a training guide for new forklift operators.

Video Source

It shows how to safely interact with a forklift. First, the operator ensures the forks are positioned appropriately for the task at hand by manually adjusting them. Then, he announces that the area around the forklift is clear and uses the provided handholds and step to get into the driver’s seat safely.

From there, he operates the forklift from the safety of the cab. He makes sure the shifter knob is in the neutral position and that the parking brake is set before turning the forklift on. Then, he can use the steering wheel and forks to operate the forklift after releasing the parking brake and putting the shifter knob in the forward position.

Operating a forklift can be safe when you follow the forklift dealers manual.

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