Essential Etiquette Tips for Funeral Services

Preparing for a funeral is never easy, even if it’s the funeral of a distant family member or acquaintance. Funeral services typically celebrate the life of the deceased person and help the people they had relationships with accept their death. They are essential to the grieving process for many people.

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If you have been invited to attend a funeral service, you may be unsure of how to best support the people closest to the deceased person. The video on this page can help you prepare. The host has a few essential etiquette tips.

As soon as you hear about a death, it is in good etiquette to write a letter of condolence. Instead of posting on social media about them, try reaching out directly to their closest family members to share your regret at hearing the news instead.

Before attending the funeral, try to make a donation to the fund for funeral expenses or to pick up some flowers to bring with you. Either of these gestures will show that you care.

At the funeral, dress appropriately based on a given dress code. If no dress code is given, it is customary to wear the nicest black clothing available to you.


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