How Are Air Conditioning Systems Installed?

Are you curious about HVAC? Do you want to know how your outdoor air conditioner is installed? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This video shows the step-by-step process of an outdoor air conditioner installation.

When you move into a homes chances are there is already an existing central air conditioning system installed. Your home won’t need an AC replacement often, but when it does you may be curious what goes down.

Video Source

The first thing that will happen is the current AC system will be removed. The pad that the AC sits on gets worn out over the years so that takes us to the next step, replacing the old pad. The pad usually sits on a bed of rock or gravel. This rock will then be replaced with fresh rock so that the surface is even for the new AC to sit. Leaning the pad away from the house on a slope is an extra step that is not necessary, but may help you out when moisture leaves the unit.

These are just the first steps that are taken when replacing an outdoor air conditioning system. Whether you are curious about how your AC is being installed, or if you want to get into the career field, this video is a great source for you.


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