What Is Recurrent Training?

If you are a pilot, flight attendant, or any other airline employee, you must go through recurrent training. This training is designed to ensure that you are staying up to date on training and safety protocols. You must have recurrent training classes every year with course instructors to continue to stay sharp when in the air. In this video, Swayne Martin is showing you what you might have to expect during your recurrent training.

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What Can You Expect During Your Recurrent Training?

Swayne works for Envoy, but most airlines have the same form of yearly training for their pilots. You will hear him refer to recurrent training as CQ, which means continued qualification training. First, they have to complete a series of computer-based training modules at home before they go to the actual classroom to have ground school, which is then followed by simulator events. This training can last up to a week.

When Will You Have to do Recurrent Training?

Your recurrent training is determined by the flight training department, but it must happen yearly. You must have your recurrent training done by the end of the 13th month. You will be able to choose your classes based on seniority. Your training will finish before the bidding starts for your next flight schedule.

What Do Recurrent Training Classes Cover?

These classes cover almost everything you should know as a pilot, including cruise security, hazmat, aircraft systems, emergency procedures training, and more. During your training, you will have two days of ground school, which will cover emergency procedures and operating policies. You will also see and learn from accidents that have happened over the years and see how you can prevent them or make sure everyone ends up safe. At the end of this, you will have a written exam to make sure you understand everything that needs to happen as a pilot. You will go through simulators to make sure you are prepared in case of abnormal situations and emergency procedures. This will all make sure you are okay to continue flying for your airline.

Swayne only covered the basics of recurrent training in this video, showing you some footage of what you may experience during simulations and classroom time. Recurrent training is very important when it comes to keeping everyone safe. Pilots and flight attendants are required to go through this training to make sure they know all of the safety measures that are involved in their job. If you want any more information on being a pilot and what there day to day life is, you can subscribe to Swayne Martin’s channel and learn more. According to a study done by OliverWyman, by 2029, the global demand for pilots will be over 400,000. This is a lot of pilots that we will trust when flying, so recurrent trainings will ensure that we are in safe hands.


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