What You Should Really Know About Implicit Bias Solutions

If you want to know more about implicit bias training solutions, consider the importance of awareness of implicit bias. In 2019, 42% of NYPD officers said they had not attempted to use their FIP training, 31% said they sometimes used it, and 27% said they used it frequently. Due to the fact that a majority of what our brain processes is unconscious, there are beliefs we all have that exist because of the history of social structure. There is a stereotyping neural network that lives within our parts of our brains, and it creates a database of shortcuts of interpretation, based on information we have already stored.

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Fair and impartial training includes teaching how the mind works in ways that are not self-reported. There is a need for fair and impartial treatment in all sectors of life, mostly concerning the public service and safety areas. Fair and impartial training has a purpose of being effective, and standardizing the program is a great starting point. Biased based policing training can happen when different departments are teaching different levels of implicit bias training solutions. Bias in the workforce can lessen if we all do our part to be aware and active.


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