2022 Bathroom Trends That Are Popular Right Now

Are you interested in remodeling your bathroom, but want to invest in something that is trending right now? In this video, an expert will go over some of the trending bathroom remodels in 2022. They will go over the trends that are in right now and the ones that are out. This way, you can ensure you are remodeling your bathroom with a trend that is in and one that potential buyers will love.

Bathrooms are one of the main rooms that buyers look at first when looking through homes that are being sold on Zillow or other home listing sites. One of the leading trends in 2022 right now is statement lighting.

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This means that trending bathrooms nowadays have a light fixture that is the center of attention. It lights up the entire bathroom for you and is very beautiful, adding to the aesthetics. Another fun trend that is in right now is making your bathroom look bold and colorful. You can do a lot with different colors and textures throughout your bathroom.

Watch this entire video to see all of these trends and figure out what your favorite one is and which one you want to try out.


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