Everything You Should Know About Amish Furniture

Anyone looking for great furniture that’s well-built and that will last a long time should consider Amish furniture. The Amish are famous for their work ethic and craftsmanship, and their furniture tends to live up to that reputation. Thus, for folks who enjoy the highest quality, Amish home furnishings may be just the thing to spruce up a home.

First, the Amish don’t use wood substitutes. They use genuine, high-quality wood.

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Wood is durable, long-lasting, and offers a refined look and feel. Fake wood, quite frankly, often fails to live up to the real stuff. Another cool thing about Amish furniture is that secret compartments are often built-in. These compartments are great for storing remotes and other stuff.

The Amish frequently don’t use nails either. Instead, they rely on dovetails and other techniques. While nails are an excellent choice in many circumstances, it’s often possible to craft better quality furniture by foregoing them. Also, they use pneumatic tools, which often results in better end quality.

Further, their furniture is frequently hand-polished, ensuring attention to detail. Ultimately, a lifetime of education in woodworking means the Amish are some of the best furnituremakers in the world.


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