Tips for Fixing a Malfunctioning AC Unit

This YouTube video from Btwilla’s Garage walks through the process of AC repair when the unit blows hot air.

Central AC Components
To best understand the reasons for this issue you need to know the central AC components. The main one is the condenser unit.

Video Source

This is based on the outside of your home. It’s goal is to take in hot air and cool it down. The second part, the ventilation fan, takes the now-cold air and sends it throughout out the house.

Why Could the AC Blow Hot Air
The reason for the unit to blow hot hair depends on the location. For instance, your ventilation system has an air filter that collects dust and other impurities. If this isn’t regularly changed it stops the cold air. In turn, other components freeze up.

If the interior portion of your HVAC system is okay, the next place to look is the condenser unit. There could be a leak of Freon or cooling liquids. Additionally, though the motor runs the unit’s fan may not spin to collect the air for conversion.

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