How to Help an Injured Person Before the ER

Sometimes in life you’ll have to deal with the unexpected. Accidents happen and you may find a loved one, friend, or even a strang er badly injured. In this event, you’ll need to know what steps to take before emergency services arrive to take them to the ER.

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If you find someone has been injured, see if you can talk to them and find out the severity of the injury. If they are unconscious, the Good Samaritan Laws allow you to give them aid while waiting for an ambulance. This means you should immediately call for an ambulance.

While you wait for the person to be taken to the ER, stay with them and make sure they’re safe. If you find they are not breathing or do not have a pulse, administer CPR if you have been trained to do so. If you do not know CPR or do not feel comfortable giving it to the injured person, you are not obligated to do so. You can simply comfort them until professionals arrive.

By taking these simple steps, you can greatly increase a person’s chances of surviving an injury. Remember that are not required to provide any medical care or CPR while you wait for an ambulance, as calling for help is enough. Once the person is in the ER, they will be grateful you were there to help.


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