How to Choose Which Mattress Is Best For You

You sleep every single night and you want to have a comfortable and supportive mattress. In this video, the narrator discusses that when choosing your mattress, you want a mattress to support your spring, but you want it to maintain your spine’s natural curve.

When testing out the mattress in the store, as recommended, make sure the mattress meets the curve of your lower back. This is very important to keep your spine in alignment.

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Along with this, you don’t want your shoulders and hips taking on too much pressure or sinking in too far. This can be harmful to your body and you will have a hard time getting it back to the way it was.

You don’t want to choose a mattress that is too soft or firm. Feeling pain at your heaviest points means that the mattress may be too firm. Having aches, numbness, or tingling means that the mattress may be too soft.

Choose the type of mattress that fits you: innerspring, foam, adjustable air, and hybrids of some of those types combined. Test out the different types of mattresses and see which one is best suitable for you. This can be hard inside a mattress store since you won’t be able to have a night’s sleep, but some stores do offer a 30-day trial, which you should take advantage of, so you can get the best mattress for yourself.


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