How Much Can You Make as a Pizza Delivery Driver?

If you want to make some extra cash, you may want to look into having a side hustle of being a pizza delivery driver. If you have the time to have a night or weekend job, it may be worth it!

Jeff does live in a small town, but he thinks that it is still a great side hustle for many people. He says that the schedule is flexible and you can have music playing to and from deliveries, which helps the time go by faster.

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You aren’t stuck inside the restaurant and can be out and about delivering.

When you are a pizza delivery driver, you will be using your own car, so you need to think about how well your gas mileage is when driving and if the minimum wage and tips are worth it. There are times when you can deliver multiple pizzas in one delivery and this can give you some great tips in one trip.

Due to the pandemic, more people are staying home and ordering more food to be delivered to their houses. Pizza places are busier than normal now due to this, so pizza delivery drivers are needed and can make good money.

Depending on the business, you may get free food or an employee discount and this can be a great bonus!


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