What Happens During a Drain Cleaner

If you ever wondered what there is to know about drain cleaning, you should follow a few tips and tricks for what to expect from the job. When your sewer line has a blockage, whether it is the main drain or an individual line segment, you will see standing water built up under the clean-out plug.

In order to avoid pressure build-up, you want to loosen up the screw to lightly let the pressure out. You want to avoid waste coming into your yard, but it is worse for it to blow out into your house.

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Drain cleaning can get the soap and greases from your sink waste line out, to reduce the chances of blockages.

You can buy a product to help prevent the build-up of waste before you get a serious problem with a blockage that requires a machine. There may be a break in the sewer line, which could cause damage to your house if drain cleaning doesn’t occur regularly, so cleaning this out is important. Plumbers can use cameras to investigate what the problem is after the blockage is cleared.

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