A Cleaner House is Possible, Learn How to Get a Deep Down Clean

Thanks to the pandemic, we are all looking for ways to get a cleaner house. We are all spending a lot more time at home, which means we are generating a lot more mess and noticing that maybe our homes are not as clean as we thought they were.

If you are noticing that maybe your house is not as clean as you thought it was when life was busy with plenty of distractions there are a few things you can do to get a cleaner house. A cleaner house is going to make home a much nicer place to be.

A Cleaner House Can Keep Stress in Check

The pandemic has put us all under a whole new kind of stress. A cleaner house can actually help to reduce your stress levels. Many people report feelings of being overwhelmed by being at home. There seems to be a never-ending battle of keeping up with housework while trying to work while dealing with the kids who are learning remotely. The little annoyances about the tidiness of your home that you were always able to ignore, suddenly are enough to make you want to rip your own hair out.

Many people are starting to notice things about their homes that they never noticed before. Simple things like how messy the linen closet is, or the bigger things like how dirty the tile and grout are in the bathroom, are just adding to the stress. The fact is, it is 100% natural to see things differently when home is the only choice.

The good news is cleaning up, really cleaning up, will release some of the stress you feel. When everything looks fresh and new, and there is a place for everything, you will feel better about being home. Additionally, deep cleaning will give you something to do while the pandemic still limits other activities.

We Are Not Talking About Tidying up Here

If you really want a cleaner house you are going to have to roll up those sleeves, put in some sweat equity, and maybe even call in a few pros. A really clean house requires some deep cleaning. During a typical tidying session, the rule of thumb is usually cleaning only what you can see. That means wiping down counters, vacuuming a floor or two, maybe passing the mop, and tackling the bathrooms.

During “regular” clean up no one is opening closets, wiping down shelves in the pantry, or hiring a power washing service to clean the siding. To get a cleaner house that you can feel really good about you are going to need to do some deep cleaning. Think of spring cleaning but on steroids.

Where to Start

Let’s get the ball rolling by making a list. This is a personalized activity that requires a little of getting in touch with your feelings about your house. What is it about your home that is just driving you crazy? Let’s say the tile and the grout in your bathroom really is a source of aggravation. This should make it to your list. Luckily dirty tile and grout is easily something you can do on your own with some commercial tile and grout cleaners. This leads to the next suggestion. When making your list divide it into two categories. One category can be the things that you can tackle on your own. The other category should be the tasks that you are going to need professional help with.

For example, going through your closets and getting rid of the clothing that has gone out of fashion, is something that you can do on your own, but cleaning the gutters might be something you may want to leave to the professionals.

You can also add the maintenance activities that the house needs to the list. When is the last time you had professional septic tank cleaning done? Why not get it done now while you are on a mission to get a cleaner house?

Here are some suggestions for things that should be on your list that we all typically forget:

  • If you have a pool make sure you have pool cleaning services listed under the “professional help” category of your list. Getting the pool cleaned in advance of the season is always a good idea. You will beat the rush and your pool will be glistening. You will feel better about your pool.
  • Power washing the siding, sidewalks, and driveway. You can do this yourself or hire someone it all depends on how much time you have. You can rent a machine from any home improvement store.
  • Basement cleanup. No one likes to clean the basement or the attic, but no one likes knowing the mess is just sitting there either. Put attic and basement clean up on the list. Do it yourself or hire some help if you need to. It will be worth it.

Once you have your list together it is time to get started. Following the tips below will help you to get a cleaner house and to do it quickly.

Tip Number One, Schedule Everything

Between your list and your calendar you can make sure everything gets done that needs to get done. Schedule everything. Even the things that do not seem like they need to be scheduled in, schedule them in. That means if the spice rack needs an overhaul, write down and allow time for it.

Seeing something in writing gives the task the urgency that it deserves, and holds you accountable. It can be too easy to put off till tomorrow what you can do today unless it is on the calendar for today. It is easier to stay organized and tick off the tasks when they are centrally located on a to-do list. Besides, it is very satisfying to move an item from the to-do list to the done list.

Tip Number Two, Enlist Family Members

Don’t be afraid to delegate duties to get a cleaner house. There is power in numbers. Even the youngest kid can participate in age-appropriate cleaning activities. If you live alone, consider hiring a maid service to manage some of the workloads.

Having help will make it easier to get the house cleaner faster. If you cannot convince friends or family to pitch in then hire someone. Plenty of people are looking for work. Even if you have to hire someone to do the heavy lifting it will be worth it.

Tip Number Three, Clean All the Carpets

Either rent a machine or hire a company to deep clean all the carpets in your house. Most manufacturers recommend steam cleaning carpets every six months. Really clean floors will instantly make you feel like you have a cleaner house.

Some of the carpet cleaning companies also offer tile and grout cleaning services. This can be a great option to get a cleaner house while doing less work. Ask your local provider what services they have to offer in addition to carpet cleaning.

Tip Number Four, Replace Your Flooring

Sometimes no matter how good the carpet cleaning service is your carpets are beyond help. Flooring gets worn out. The average life expectancy of wall to wall carpet is about 15 years. If your carpeting has gotten long in the tooth and is really showing it consider having new flooring installed.

Laminate flooring is a great choice for high traffic areas. It comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. There is high-quality laminate flooring that looks just like hardwoods, tiles, and more at a much more affordable price.

Tip Number Five, Get Your Ductwork Professionally Cleaned

If having less dust floating around your house will make your home feel like a cleaner house, you may want to consider having your ductwork professionally cleaned. Ductwork is typically something that is not normally cleaned regularly and plenty of debris can build up.

Having your ductwork professionally cleaned will help to reduce the amount of dust that gets in your house, cut down on the number of allergens that are blowing through your HVAC system, and add a nice fresh scent to your home.

If no matter how much you clean you still have a funny smell in your home, it may be originating from your ductwork. A good cleaning will help your home to feel cleaner and smell cleaner.

Tip Number Six, Get Rid of Junk

We all have junk drawers, closets we stick stuff in, and things that we plan on fixing but never do. The path to a cleaner house is decluttering. Decluttering means removing the junk from your life. Start at the top of the house and work your way down. Visit every room (including the attic and basement) and just start making piles.

Be honest about the stuff you have. You may have very well-intended on fixing that lamp that Aunt Louise gave you five years ago, but if it hasn’t been done in the last five years it is a good bet that it will be in the same exact spot for another five years.

Parting with stuff can be rough but it is the clear path to a cleaner house. If it will make you feel better, pass the problematic clutter on to someone else and donate it. Decluttering is vital to making you feel less overwhelmed at home.

Tip Number Seven, Don’t Forget About the Garage

Pressure washing the garage floor after you remove any clutter is a great way to help make the space much more usable. If you avoid the garage like the plague because it just feels so dirty it is part of the problem and it needs to be addressed.

Make a deal with yourself, if you tackle the garage problem and make it feel more like a usable part of your house, you can arrange for that performance car tuning that you have been wanting, or some other reward.

Get all those cobwebs out, all the dirt up, and rearrange things so they are more organized. Your garage is part of your home and if it is in disarray you will never truly feel like you have a cleaner house.

Tip Number Eight, Address Outside Structures

You may not think of your shed as part of your house, but it is. Cleaning up outdoor buildings will help to make you feel like you have a cleaner house. Consider a little restoration work to make old sheds, barns, and other outdoor buildings more usable and more aesthetically pleasing.

The added bonus of getting outdoor structures in good shape is that you will have the room you need to declutter the house without parting with too much. It is a worthy project.

Tip Number Nine, Clean The Basement

If you avoid the basement of your house because it is dark and damp, you can easily change that. Clean out the basement to remove all the clutter. If you have a moisture problem oddly enough you may be able to solve that with one of the gutter cleaning maintenance programs that are available in your area.

Gutters that are not working properly are not moving water away from the house the way they should. Addressing the gutter problem may solve your basement water problem. Once you have stopped the source you can paint the basement, clean the floors, and have a much more functional space that helps you feel like you have a cleaner house.

Cleaning up your basement and addressing any moisture problems has the added benefit of creating excellent storage space. If you are pressed for room in your house, once your basement is fully cleaned, you may want to consider “finishing” the space to utilize the space as a guest bedroom, family room, and more.

Tip Number Ten, Clean Behind Appliances

Want a cleaner house? Clean behind all the appliances in your kitchen. Pull out the stove, the refrigerator, and the dishwasher and get in there and clean. Most people do not typically clean behind their appliances during regular clean up. If It has been a while, now is a good time to do it.

Final Suggestions

Sometimes to make your house feel cleaner you may need to break out the paintbrush and roller and paint. Adding a fresh coat of paint always makes a house feel cleaner and look cleaner. All the deep cleaning will not make your house feel cleaner unless you organize every room. Everything needs a place to live. If you have things that do not have a place, find a new home for them, or put them in storage somewhere.

It can take a lot of work to get a cleaner house but it is all worth it. You will feel a lot better about being at home if you have a cleaner house.

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