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How a Plumber Is Changing Lives One Free Repair at a Time

The reality is that most people cannot go without their plumbing systems for a significant period of time, and understandably so. Residential plumbing systems do not just operate toilets, but also sinks, showers, bathtubs, and other appliances providing or dependent on water. Unfortunately, plumbing systems take quite a beating and therefore are often in need of repairs. This means that many people find themselves seeking plumbing repairs unexpectedly, calling up plumbers after finding a leak in their house or experiencing a burst pipe, among other issues. But there are several issues that can occur when they do so.

For one thing, a plumber may not immediately be available. While some plumbers do offer emergency plumbing services, giving help to people in need 24 hours a day and seven days a week, these are not available in all areas. For that matter, some emergency plumbers are more reliable than others. This leaves people waiting around for a plumber’s help even longer than expected. As their issue goes untreated, it will grow and become worse over time. This means that what could have started out as a small leak, relatively simple to repair, could grow into a burst pipe.

Additionally, some plumbers simply charge more than people can afford. This is not always because the plumbers are offering outrageously expensive prices. It’s just that some fixes are more expensive than others, and some people find themselves going through tough economic times, especially right now. Seniors in particular are dealing with extremely tight budgets, and often have difficulties paying for their leak repairs and other plumbing services. In fact, many seniors simply go without plumbing repairs for as long as years at a time, unable to recognize their own immediate needs, or unable to pay at all. The same can be said for low income families, where parents often struggle to make ends meet while caring for their children.


This is where a particularly kind plumber comes into the story, having spent $77,00 throughout the pandemic to help financially vulnerable families receive heating system repairs, as well as free plumbing services for seniors and other people at risk. The reality is that COVID-19 hit a number of different communities hard. Many people lost their jobs, forcing them to live off of unemployment as they seek new positions, and find it hard to play for unexpected expenses like plumbing repairs. Plumbing can fall to the wayside when people are worried about the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertain of whether or not they can put food on the table. But it’s a vital issue for people’s homes, and these free plumbing services are ensuring that those people are able to enjoy their homes for the long term.

Understanding The Mission

James Anderson was first inspired to take action after receiving what could have been a routine plumbing call. He was actually addressing a second opinion and realized that a heating company was attempting to con an elderly man out of 1,500 pounds. Not only was the man elderly, and dealing with natural cognitive impairments that can come with old age; he also had a disability. Understanding that this man, who already needed help and was instead taken advantage of really required serious assistance, Anderson set out to offer free plumbing services for seniors and other vulnerable people. So passionate was Anderson that he did not care about the cost of his endeavors, which could potentially become quite expensive over time.

Over time, however, Anderson understood a need for more than just free plumbing services for seniors and other vulnerable people. However important these services were, there were other aspects to elderly care that he picked up during his efforts. Part of this effort was spearheaded by the pandemic. The pandemic is especially troubling due to the issues that come with being elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus can be much deadlier to senior citizens, and it’s therefore imperative that they stay indoors as much as possible. If they do need to leave the home, they should do so quickly and wearing a mask. This is difficult for some elderly people, but it’s a fact that they have to face right now.

James Anderson is helping them face that fact. He has actually started providing personal protective equipment to people in need, along with his standard free plumbing services for seniors and other people in need. He also provides food parcels to people that require them. He has even gone so far as to start paying the bills for people that need assistance. This can be a huge gift for many Americans, especially considering the fact that lots of people in the country are currently heavily in doubt. The university system in the U.S. is extremely expensive, making it difficult for people to get the degrees that they often need for their future careers. While some people are approved for federal loans, which are often subsidized and easier to pay off, other people must settle for private loans. Private loans can come with high interest, as well as a shorter amount of time with which the borrower can pay off their loan. Additionally, many Americans find themselves in debt due to

For James Anderson, the solution is clear, and it is something that he wishes to take on individually. He actually offers to cover these bills themselves. This can be a major source of relief for people in need, especially if their bills have to do with costs that typically would not be covered through programs offered by the government. For example, the pandemic could have a vulnerable person paying off home improvement loans that they took out when they were in a healthier economy. It can be difficult for these individuals to find financial relief, and Anderson is making that simpler while at the same time providing free plumbing services for seniors and other people in need.

Anderson does have his own individual responsibilities to consider. A father of six, he has actually spent 57,000 pounds on his efforts so far. But for him, there is an element of a positive return in terms of doing something good for others. Additionally, there are economic benefits to taking this approach. People that normally would not be able to pay their plumbing bills are able to benefit from the services he is offering and pay for their residential electrical services, for example. The important thing to recall is that while James Anderson is taking a financial hit when offering services for free, he could very well benefit his overall local economy more in the long term.

Anderson understands that many senior citizens in particular, as well as many vulnerable people that normally would not be able to pay for their plumbing services, are unable to afford their services for good reasons. For senior citizens, this often has to do with the amount that they’re paying for elderly care while at the same time living off of a fixed retirement income. Additionally, it can be difficult for them to balance physical therapy with their everyday lives. Anderson understands that these expenses can come up as unexpectedly as plumbing damages are often difficult for the average person to predict. Therefore, offering free plumbing services for seniors is his way of ensuring that people get what they need when they need it.

Expanding the Operation

James Anderson understands that offering free plumbing services for seniors is not something he can do alone. For one thing, the financial losses would be so great that at some point he would not be able to continue offering the services. For another, he is only one person and therefore can only reach a limited amount of people in turn. His Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response needs to become something of a team in order to help as many people as possible, as efficiently as possible. His mission is working off of social responsibility and ensuring that people in need are taken care of; therefore, it makes sense that he would work with others in a team over time.

Right now, Anderson works with plumbers in some specific areas. These include Manchester, Lancashire, Leeds, Nottingham, and even parts of Scotland, At the end of the day, Anderson wants to reach as many people as possible with his services, which is why he wants to expand to cover as much of the U.K. as possible. For that reason, Anderson has started a GoFundMe page to fund his efforts.

GoFundMe is essentially a means through which individuals can fund their efforts, no matter what those efforts may relate to. In some cases, GoFundMe accounts are started to help individuals pursue creative goals. But in some cases, they are used to fund charitable pursuits, as is the case with Anderson’s purpose. Although some people are critical of these accounts, the great things that Anderson is doing for others cannot be accomplished without funding. In order for Anderson to provide free plumbing services for seniors and other people in need, he needs to seek help from donors. The money that he receives will be serving a very real, immediate purpose as well.

In a short period of time stretching between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day alone, Anderson was able to tackle 93 different jobs offering free plumbing services for seniors and vulnerable people. But he did not do it alone. Anderson received help from other people focusing on charity in the plumbing industry, including four apprentices, three volunteers, and four engineers. Even with that help, however, he still works long hours virtually every day. That is an essential sacrifice expected of plumbers in general and emergency plumbers in particular. But at the same time, it’s important to understand that these plumbers need to be compensated; when they cannot be compensated, however, directly from the people that they help, a charity page can make a big difference. The money that Anderson receives is reincorporated directly into the endeavor that he is pushing to help as many senior citizens and people with disabilities as possible.

In addition to plumbing services, as noted through the name of the endeavor, Anderson and his colleagues are also offering heating system repairs. The interesting thing to consider regarding this issue is that there are only so many different types of repairs that Anderson can address individually. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that four apprentices were involved in his holiday operation.

Apprentices have little to lose and much to gain when they help Anderson provide free plumbing for seniors and other people in need. In fact, apprentices are often paid little or nothing for their services, which means that they aren’t losing anything by taking care of services for free. Apprentices need on the job training, and they are able to get that in a sense by helping Anderson. This essentially builds their skills and resumes, while at the same time allowing them to do something truly good for others. When offering free plumbing services for seniors and other people that require help, apprentices are able to actually learn and benefit. By connecting them with these opportunities, Anderson is actually able to do two good deeds at once.

It may be difficult for some more unscrupulous businessmen to understand exactly what James Anderson gets out of offering free plumbing services for seniors and other people in need. But the fact is that there is something inspiring and hopeful about his choices, and indeed it could be a model for how individuals need to treat each other in general.

While free plumbing services for seniors and other people in need may not offer a special medication or a miracle anti-aging serum, it does allow seniors to save their money and focus on bettering their lives. Simply not being required to care so much about your bank account for just a short period of time can be quite a gift. It’s a gift that James Anderson is determined to offer.

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