Different Types of Pillows You Can Choose From

Have you ever wondered about the different types of pillowcases? If so, your questions are answered in Richard Howarth Linen’s one-minute video, “What are the different types of pillowcases?” Their helpful video distinguishes four types of pillowcases: the bag, the housewife, the mock Oxford, and the Oxford.
The simplest of the four is the bag pillow case, which has one open end to slip the pillow in and out of the case.
The second type, the housewife pillow case, is similar to the bag pillow case but has an internal flap in the open end that slips over the pillow to keep it in the case.
Next is the mock Oxford pillow. The mock Oxford has a decorative frame around the pillow.

Video Source

The mock Oxford differs from the fourth type because they make the mock Oxford’s bag and frame from one piece of cloth. The Oxford pillowcase frame is a separate fabric piece sewn onto the bag.
Also, since your pillow and pillowcase can catch common allergens, it is best to use hypoallergenic pillow cases regardless of the type you choose.

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