Installing a Truck Transmission

If you’ve been thinking about installing a truck transmission by yourself, it can be done in a few easy steps.

Ensure the clutch is set up properly using a special alignment shaft. Slip it into the pilot bearing and follow with the friction disc and plate.

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To ensure proper clutch alignment, draw the bolts down evenly, pulling the clutch fingers down. Avoid removing the shaft till you’re done with this step. Once you’re done, remove the tool and check the clutch alignment by lightly reinserting the tool till it bottoms out.

Using a jack with an adjustable plate, level the plate and ensure the transmission is on it before it goes under the truck. Next, adjust the truck’s position to your convenience and match the level of the transmission on the jack to the incline/level of the truck.

Walk the jack in towards the engine and raise the transmission, ensuring nothing on the chassis or the transmission makes contact as you do. Once the shaft is in position to slip into the clutch spline, use a turning tool light and slow till the input shaft of the transmission grabs on the clutch splines.

At the back of the transmission, push on the jack to slip it into the first spline, with some re-adjustment if necessary. Next, push the transmission itself to slip it through the splines and into the pilot bearing. This completes the installation of your semi-truck transmission.


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