Different Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Bail Agent

If you’re arrested, consider seeking bail bondsman services to help you avoid jail legally until you’re taken before a judge for trial.

Bail bond is determined by the seriousness of crime, criminal record, flight risk or public safety.

Information needed by your bail agent include person in jail, full name, jail location, chargers and booking number. These will help process your bail bond.

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However, consult your state regulatory agency because bail rates varies from state to state.

Bail bond rates may vary by agents as well as your overall bail bond package, which can vary by bond rate, money down, fees, financing, collateral accepted. Shop, compare and negotiate numerous bond offers.

Bail agent payments also varies, but most agents take credit cards, some take personal cheques, and now many are embracing online payments like PayPal and Square.

Some bail agents speak different languages so you don’t have to worry about language barrier and miscommunication.

The kind of collateral bail agents take vary from large assets like cars, house to valuables including jewelry.

Bail Bond Process

  • Bail bond is posted and collateral signed over.
  • You’ll be released from jail but under condition not to violate the bond terms.
  • If you violate the bond conditions like failing to appear to court or getting yourself into another crime, your bail bond will be revoked and possibly lose your collateral too. So seek bail bondsman services and stay out of jail.


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