How to DIY Undercabinet Lights

Are you uncomfortable with the lighting in your kitchen? Is it insufficient? Dingy? Consider installing undercabinet lights to brighten your kitchen. They illuminate the backsplash and counters, making your kitchen bright and welcoming.

At first, adding under-cabinet lights yourself can appear daunting, but it’s pretty easy! Check out this DIY video below on how to install undercabinet lights and become a pro in no time!

As with any DIY project, you should always begin with planning. Choose the number of lights to use and the precise locations for each.

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You can place them down in the middle of each section.

Once you have a layout in place, measure how long each aluminum channel and the LED strips should be. After connecting your strips with LED strip connectors, secure all the aluminum channels under the cabinets. Depending on how your kitchen cabinets are organized, you may need to drill holes in both sides of the microwave cabinet to feed the wires. Next, add the LED strips connecting all sections.

Once done, plug in your undercabinet lights. Turn on the light to ensure you’ve got the whole process right and your lights are working properly. Now take a few steps back, and admire your work! It is satisfying, isn’t it?


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