What to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

Part of what divorce lawyers deal with includes the financial aspects of a divorce, e.g., financial disclosure, alimony, child support, asset division, and restraining orders preventing either spouse from transferring assets before or after divorce. In this video, a family law attorney lists questions to ask before hiring a divorce lawyer.

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The first thing to ask would be to know if the lawyer specializes in family law and that they have tackled many such cases. A positive outcome hinges on a lawyer’s experience.

Secondly, be clear about their billing rates and billing increments. Ask for a complete cost breakdown before signing anything to avoid being surprised by hefty bills. Next, find out what their legal strategy is. Many clients prefer a firm but compassionate approach. But if an aggressive stance is needed, the lawyer should be able to do that as well. Ask if there will be any other team members and their experience level. One lawyer and a paralegal may be stretched thin, so a complex case can benefit from having more hands-on deck. Lastly, ensure that the lawyer is honest, forthcoming, and compatible. It’s a stressful period, so good support is needed.


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