Everything You Should Know About Fair Market Value

You may have heard of the phrase “fair market value”, but you may be asking yourself what is the fair market value of healthcare? In this video, an expert will go over what fair market value is and why it is important today.

Essentially, a fair market value is the price of a service exchange between a buyer and seller, with both willing to buy and sell. Both parties within this transaction need to be made aware of all of the effects and facts related to the transaction they are completing. Fair market value requires companies to compensate third parties like physicians for the basic service they are providing.

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Fair market value is important because it ensures that these types of transactions are transparent in the way things are being paid and compensated for. In the world of business, it’s important to have fair trades and to have all parties willing to complete transactions in order to create business. That’s where fair market value comes in and why it’s so important.

Watch this entire video to learn all about fair market value and find out why it is so important.


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