Differences Between Bail and Bond

When you are arraigned in court and plead not guilty, you will need bail to stay out of jail. Once the bail has been set and you have paid it, you will be released from jail and allowed to go home. In that connection, you will be free, courtesy of bail. However, you will need to ensure you come to court. That means you do not have to miss any court proceedings.

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If you cannot post the cash bail that has been set, but you have property or anything that can act as collateral, you will need to buy bond insurance. This is where a bail bond agency comes into the picture. However, you should not just trust a bail bond agency. You ought to be very selective. You need a bail bond agency that will be able to turn up in the time of need. This means that they are available for 24 hours every day.

Once the bond agency has cleared the amount of money that was set as bail, you ought to ensure you attend all court proceedings as suggested. Also, you will need to see the bond agent whenever there is a need. Failure to do so, you will be rearrested once again. You will only stop going to court once your case has already been determined and you have sorted out everything with the bail bond agency.


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