What is a Clinical Laboratory And What Do Clinical Lab Consultants Do?

You may be wondering what clinical laboratories are and what clinical lab consultants do at these labs. Well, this video gives you a rundown of everything you should know about clinical laboratories. Firstly, a clinical laboratory is a facility where screening tests are performed on a patient’s bodily fluids or tissue to help the healthcare team come to a diagnosis to then recommend treatment and help prevent this disease.

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These labs contain large pieces of equipment and a lot of chemicals that are used daily. These labs are only available to the medical professionals who have jurisdiction.

There are many different departments of clinical labs including hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, and many more. Each of these departments focuses on different types of testing on different bodily fluids and tissues. For example, urinalysis is the examination of urine, as the name alludes to. And, hematology is the study of blood and its formed elements. When you get blood tests done, your blood is brought to one of these clinical labs.

To learn a lot more about clinical labs and what happens in them, watch this video. There is a lot of information that can help you become more knowledgeable about this type of medical procedure.


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