Storing Grain On-Farm

This year’s bumper grain crop, combined with record-low harvest prices, may entice producers to build a farm grain storage facility to help ease cash flow, manage grain inventory, and hedge against falling prices.

This is a question that some producers in Western Kentucky are grappling with, particularly those who lack the storage capacity to store their own output.

When it comes to storing grain, farmers have a lot of options, but having the right farm grain storage facility can make all the difference, as Logan County farmer Gary Lee Roby discovered, who has a farm grain storage facility that improves the quality and efficiency of his farm’s grain management system.

Video Source

Producers, according to San McNeil, should look into building more on-farm grain storage facilities to protect their grain. However, he stressed the importance of considering the size and scale of the operation when determining the best options for an on-farm storage facility.

In this video, Jeff Franklin of the University of Kentucky discusses how producers like Gary Lee Roby invested in farm grain storage facilities to address the capacity issue, as well as how it improved the farm’s grain management system and overall economic impact.

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