How to Create Workplace Diversity

Are you looking to improve the diversity of your workplace? Many businesses have done this, or at least tried. The mandatory courses that employees must sit through don’t truly work. If you are looking for a new approach, then this video is for you. In this video, you will learn about a different solution to workplace diversity that is more likely to work well. The first thing to realize is that for many of the workplaces in which this training fails, is that they don’t want to do it but they must in order to check off the box.

Video Source

The video will first explain why the traditional methods do not work. They are unimaginative and all about checking boxes. They don’t really care about the diversity. The video attempts to get down to the source of the problem. As studies have shown, diverse workplaces come with a whole host of benefits. However, nothing is changing. The video will break down the problem and offer real solutions through the use of storytelling and joke-making.


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