What Does Burnishing Do?

If you work with a manufacturer that produces metal parts for machines or other processes, it’s likely that you’ve heard of burnishing before. Burnishing is an essential process for manufacturing metal parts. Let’s take a closer look at what this process accomplishes for metal parts.

One of the most important things that burnishing does is improve surface finish. If a certain type of finish is desired for a metal part, burnishing can get the job done in no time.

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Surface imperfections don’t stand a chance when it comes time to pull out burnishing tools. In addition, this process is designed to increase the hardness of metal parts. By eliminating surface flaws and inconsistencies, metal is better able to withstand pressure and the elements thrown up against it.

All in all, burnishing is an important process for most types of metal manufacturing. Whether it’s tools, hardware, or machinery parts, this process is one that most of us don’t even know we’re reaping the benefits of every day.


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