What Does a Day in Miami Private School Look Like?

This video gives you a look into the daily school life in a miami private school student.

The teen making the video starts the video by showing her getting ready for school and explains she and her siblings are going in early for a choir activity.

From there, we see her day at this miami private school from class to class. We learn that the teachers are college professors, and she shows a bit of what is being covered in each class that day.

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She also discusses the small size of the classes, the sizes of the rooms, and how many students are in each grade. Each thing she explains as she goes about her day shows the comparison of going to a private miami school instead of a public school.

Since the focus is on her and other students as she films for her video blog, there is a lot of laughter and interaction between her and fellow friends and students. Parents considering sending their own children to a miami private school can show their children from an actual student’s viewpoint what their day might be like.


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