Guide to Easy Composting

Composting is an efficient, useful, and eco-friendly way to dispose of organic waste and improve the fertility of our gardens. Unfortunately, it can seem like a lot of work to those who have never tried it. To that end, Huw Richards has created this informative video Guide to Easy Composting to help novice gardeners learn how to do effective composting in a way that is simple, easy, and effective.

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The Benefits of Easy Composting

It’s good for the soil
Composting returns vital nutrients to the soil making it ideal for plants to live on and be healthy.

Filter & Revitalize Local Water Sources
Composting also returns nutrients and minerals to the groundwater.

Reduce Erosion
Keeping the soil strong and healthy prevents it from being stirred up by the wind and washed away in the rain. Unhealthy soil can lead to dust storms like those of the previous century.

Reduce GHG
Materials decomposing overground produce greenhouse gases which can be an environmental hazard. But these same gasses are actually good for plants and for soil.

Save on Disposal Costs
Composting helps keep lots of biodegradable material out of your trash. This eliminates much of the smell that would normally be produced and saves you money.

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