How to Find the Best Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation

Choosing breast augmentation surgeons may be difficult and time-consuming. With many things to consider, breast augmentation surgeon experience and qualifications, these can be very important when you do the research.

So, what qualifications should you look into for a breast augmentation surgeon? Here’s what to know:

Board Certificates

The board certification is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a breast augmentation surgeon.

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Surgeons like those who passed the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have at least 6 years of surgical training, which includes plastic surgery residency.

Manners and Professionalism

Whether you’re getting a breast lift, breast reduction, or implants, the surgeon should always listen to what your desires are and come up with procedures that would be best for your body and health.

Good Reviews

Just like businesses, you should also vouch for the surgeon who has good feedback from patients in the past. In fact, most health institutions allow patients to rate and review surgeons based on past experiences.

Types of Procedure

There are actually several types of breast augmentation that exist and your surgeon must have more experience with others too. It is best that you know the procedures they refer to so you will understand.

Plastic Surgery Photography

Surgeons must have confidentiality with their work. They should not share pictures of their work online as it’s private.


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