How Does a Professional Repair Your Fireplace?

A functional fireplace is essential, especially during the cold winter months. However, fireplaces, whether gas or wood burning, can start to deteriorate over time, meaning they need to be repaired. Homeowners can do fireplace repairs on their own, but this task is best left to a professional. Therefore, how do fireplace professionals conduct repairs? One of the first thing fireplace professionals do when repairing a fireplace is to inspect the exterior.

Video Source

The fireplace professional in the video is fixing a chipped fireplace brick for a homeowner. The professional removes the chipped brick and installs a new one.

Fireplace professionals also vacuum the interior of the fireplace. Why? To eliminate any dust and pests accumulated in the fireplace over time. If the fireplace has glass in front, the fireplace professional can inspect the glass for cracks. Since the glass might be covered by ash and soot, the professional will clean it using white vinegar, and if they find any cracks, they can change the glass. Last but not least, a fireplace professional will inspect the outer part of the chimney for any issues and correct them. Fireplace chimneys should be regularly inspected and repaired; otherwise, they pose a fire risk to the homeowner.


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