What You Should Really Know About Gun Liability Insurance

If you are a licensed firearm holder, you must get gun liability insurance. While the gun protects you from an assaulter, the gun liability insurance protects you from any civil charges you may face after using a firearm. But before you get gun liability insurance, here are a few important facts you should know.

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Gun liability insurance covers your gun as any other property when it is stolen. The standard liability coverage under the homeowner’s insurance policy will also cover the cost of your defense in court. Additionally, it covers other court awards according to your policy’s limit. A renter or homeowner could buy an umbrella insurance policy to cover extra liability costs if they believe the standard insurance policy is insufficient.
It’s also important to note that gun liability insurance covers accidental firearm use or in self-defense situations where reasonable force was used. It does not cover homicide and other intentional criminal acts.

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