Anamet Flexible Hose Usage Walkthrough

You might be wondering how to use an anamet metal hose, and the answer might be easier than you believe. Luckily, Geostomp uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “25 ft AquaJoe Metal Hose vs Ebay 100ft Metal Hose Comparison” where they describe how these two metal hoses differ from each other so you can decide which one will work for your needs. Let’s find out more!

Comparing These Two Models

Most of the time, anamet metal hoses are designed to transport fluids and gases, but there are many designed for water. In this video, Geostomp was simply having trouble with his garden and decided to buy a metal one called AquaJoe, which is much better for power washing, unlike regular plastic versions.

Video Source

In general, the 25ft. AquaJoe has worked perfectly, and it is durable.

In comparison, Geostomp bought a 100ft. metal hose from eBay, which comes with a nozzle just as the previous one, but it’s different. It also has a smaller diameter, which could affect how it performs depending on your particular needs.

Check out the rest of the video for more details, and remember to look at the details of a product before making a final purchase.


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